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LETTER: Writer responds to resident's complaints about local healthcare and restaurant options

Readers says former Hamilton resident now living in Midland needs to lose his sense of entitlement
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Editor's note: This letter is a response to Thursday's letter 'From healthcare to restaurant menus, resident isn't happy with local options.'

I do take deep exception to the attitude of the ex-Hamiltonion who moved to Midland. While he is entitled to express his opinion, his arrogance moves me to write in response.

Seniors are definitely not millionaires or necessarily well off but most of us have paid off our mortgages, receive a pension from having worked all our lives and also receive the Canada Pension and Old Age Pension.

Those of us seniors who have worked hard and been able to make good choices throughout our lives are far better off than youngsters moving into the working world nowadays. So I ask, why should there be a "Seniors' Menu" in restaurants?  The menu lists what is available to order - you order or you don't. If the meal is too large, you can take what you can't eat home with you for another day.

How dare Mr. Fike say, "Also the healthcare in this area to be blunt SUCKS!" While Midland does suffer from a shortage of doctors, care at Midland's Georgian Bay General Hospital Emergency Department is excellent, used by the local community and seasonal residents from the surrounding area.

I think Mr. Fike should be invited to live in Yemen or Syria for a few months and then see how thankful he is to get home afterwards - instead of whining about his "entitlement" to a privileged lifestyle as a senior in this benevolent country.

Elizabeth Head

(A Local Senior)