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LETTER: Town should hold referendum to decide Midland Bay Landing's future

'I urge members of council not to look at a housing development as their legacy,' writer says, noting real-estate developers might not consider what's best for Midland residents
2020-07-29 ap
Reader says referendum may be best way to decide what should become of Midland Bay Landing. Andrew Philips/MidlandToday

Midland Today welcomes letters to the editor. They can be sent to Please include your daytime phone number and address (for verification of authorship, not publication). The following letter is in response to a recent piece by Bill Molesworth: ANALYSIS: Town, development board need to start seeing Midland Bay Landing big picture.

Dear Editor,

I thank Mr. Molesworth for his recent column in MidlandToday in which he clearly sets out the information about Geoparks and the current plan for development of Midland Bay Landing.

I have been concerned about the decisions being made by Council regarding the development of this prime waterfront acreage.

I remember when I learned that the Town of Midland was going to purchase this land I was very happy as were a majority of Midland residents. I was proud that we were taking control of this area with the hope that the people who live here would have great access to Georgian Bay.

Many things have changed since then. Many shoreline associations in Tiny Township have very much reduced our access to the many beaches that we used to enjoy. Our council seems to be headed towards giving more folks who have money the opportunity to live on the shoreline.

Midland has very little public shoreline. I do not consider walking paths in front of houses as shoreline access. Can you imagine what would happen if you chose to take a chair and sit on one of those trails to enjoy just looking out on the water or have a picnic?

I do not recall if councils, past or present, ever considered this land becoming public. The current plan is a housing developer's idea. Did Council ever approach a company that develops public lands to look at an alternative?

I suggest that many residents are becoming alarmed at Council's direction.

I encourage Council to have a referendum on this issue to give the citizens the opportunity to have a say in what happens.

At the very least, I want Council to delay any decisions until after the next election so that we can hear what the candidates want regarding Midland Bay Landing and we can then vote in accordance with our visions for this property. I urge members of council not to look at a housing development as their legacy. I think this legacy could in the future be tainted by that decision.

This is a huge decision and cannot be undone if the present plan is brought to its conclusion.

I encourage everyone who cares about the future of this town, to make councillors aware of your opinion.

It is not too late.

Yours truly

Carol Philips