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LETTER: Reader expresses 'disbelief, disgust' over weekend lockdown protest in Midland

'Freedom rally' participants should hold their next demonstration at GBGH's intensive-care unit or long-term care homes, Penetanguishene resident says
Group of ten protesters refused to speak to journalists at their rally in Midland on Saturday.

Midland Today welcomes letters to the editor. They can be sent to Please include your daytime phone number and address (for verification of authorship, not publication). This letter concerns Saturday's 'freedom rally' in Midland.

Dear Editor,

When I read about the recent lockdown protesters at Midland's town dock, my first impression was disbelief and then disgust.

How is it possible for such a large group of people to express their discomfort and inconvenience when so many people are suffering for valid reasons?

If these protesters were to revisit the effect of social restrictions and lockdown shown during the first wave, then they would realize how productive they were.

It was when these restrictions were removed that the cases started to rise again.

One only has to consider the recent result in India when restrictions were removed too early.

If these people are looking for sympathy for their cause, then why don't they choose as their next protest site the ICU unit of our hospital or the front lawns of the LTC homes in Midland? 

To claim that they are suffering, did they consider the suffering of someone confined to a hospital bed struggling for every breath while connected to a ventilator?

When this pandemic is all over, and it will be someday, will they reflect on how selfish was their cause?

Paul Dion