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LETTER: Midland council chooses almighty dollar over beautiful waterfront, vibrant downtown

Midland resident questions council, administration on parking and Midland Bay Landing decisions
2020-07-29 ap
Reader says Midland Bay Landing should be turned into a waterfront park. Andrew Philips/MidlandToday

MidlandToday welcomes letters to the editor at Please include your daytime phone number and address (for verification of authorship, not publication). This letter concerns Midland's new pay parking system and the future of Midland Bay Landing.

Who do Midland council and administration work for?

As a Midlander of over four generations and a member of one of Midland’s founding families, I feel an urgent need to express my total disappointment with the present town council and administration.

Having owned a home and small business in Midland for well over three decades, and always being a supporter of downtown and small businesses, I feel that it is an absolute travesty that the voices of the people are being dismissed with no regard for the future consequences of our beautiful town and the business owners!

I am referring to the parking meter issue as well as Midland Bay Landing.

Why is the town of Midland so desperate to add more revenue to the town coffers at the expense of losing the vibrancy of a beautiful and prosperous downtown and a waterfront for the people?

The downtown merchants are already paying very hefty property and business taxes,so why do their patrons also have to pay?

The three-hour free parking in back-lots was a convenience for everyone to enjoy their downtown shopping and dining experience.

In these very trying times, we need to have some empathy and start listening to the people who really matter here, not the big city consultants and developers with their short term gain mentality.


Betty Lou Pape (Hamelin)