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LETTER: Little Lake Park picnic shelter in 'awful state,' needs some TLC (6 photos)

Graffiti, garbage, remnants of a bonfire and even a ladder leading to the roof shows the town must pay closer attention to shelter's upkeep, writer says

MidlandToday welcomes letters to the editor. This letter is from a Midland resident about the state of Little Lake Park's picnic shelter. Send your letter to


During my daily evening walk in Little Lake Park last night, it is with disappointment and frustration that I came across the awful state the ‘picnic shelter’ is in.

It wasn’t the first time I noticed the garbage (clothes, food packages, paper, bottles,etc.) and the picnic tables piled up or tossed around. It’s been the case all winter. However last night, I reached a point where I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

The garbage is still there and it keeps growing but I’ve also noticed the following things, that I found even more disturbing.

  • Graffiti that has been on the ceiling for the past two years is now joined by other graffiti on the floor and posts
  • There were remnants of a bonfire just beside the shelter (we could still see the charred wood).
  • There were logs in the shelter for a future bonfire I imagine
  • There was a ladder against the roof of the shelter. On the roof, there was more graffiti.

I just do not understand how it got this far.

This seems to indicate the park is not monitored enough. I hope the town doesn't use the excuse that employees can’t reach that area or they do not do garbage pick-up in the winter. The town left the park open this winter by plowing the road that runs through it. Wouldn’t it make sense to have someone check the entire park on a regular basis (preferably on foot)?

I am tired and saddened by the lack of care (upkeep) and supervision the town puts towards the park.

Same for the stone steps that are really a historic part of Little Lake Park and they bring character. Many of them are sprayed with graffiti or damaged (some intentionally). I invite the Heritage Committee to maybe make it a project to preserve these beautiful steps.

It’s time for the town to put in some TLC into Little Lake Park and to keep it a serene and natural place to enjoy.

L. Turcotte