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LETTER: Keeping Midland beautiful should be a key priority for all

Parks need to be monitored on a regular basis for garbage but also for other violations, including motorized vehicles using walking paths and illegal camping, resident says
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Little Lake Park is pictured. Andrew Philips/MidlandToday

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RE: Town cleanup initiative

I was happy to read the MidlandToday article regarding a future cleanup initiative.

Being an avid walker in Little Lake Park, I find trash spread around on a daily basis.

On the trails, I will find bottles, cans, napkins and many coffee cups from a certain chain.

I can also attest that I have found a lot of beer cans by the shore near the rowing club, littering near the stone steps and a wide assortment of items near the picnic shelter, including a suitcase, leftover fireworks and even a condom.

The park needs to be monitored on a regular basis for garbage but also for other violations, including motorized vehicles on walking paths and illegal camping.

As for garbage, the town finally installed lids on the garbage cans so at least that’s an improvement.

However, education and reminders to dispose of garbage properly must also be part of any initiative. Citizens must understand that littering is not acceptable and we must all do our part.

I would like to see signs reminding people to dispose of their trash properly and something like ‘Keep our park beautiful for all of us to enjoy.’

And why not have an employee walk the park and its various paths to pick up garbage on top of having students helping in the summer during the busy season?

Our green spaces, all across our town need to be taken care of on a regular basis. They need more than just town employees driving their municipal pickup trucks and emptying garbage bins. They should do the odd foot patrol to pick up trash in areas that aren’t accessible by vehicle.

Little Lake Park (and the outdoors in general) is for everyone to enjoy in a respectful and responsible way.

The town needs to be the leader.

Lise Turcotte