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LETTER: Back To School with COVID-19

There are many side effects to wearing masks, especially when it comes to children, writer says. 'Some dentists have coined a new word from the effects of mask-wearing, called Mask Mouth.'
A teenager wears a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while at school. Photo: Getty Images

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Seeing children going to school wearing face masks really has me concerned. There are many studies showing that this does nothing to prevent the spread of any virus, and scientific studies indicate that healthy people should not wear masks. There are also many side effects that are being overlooked.

The moist warm air inside the mask provides an excellent place for various bacteria and other pathogens to grow. Eye irritation and infections are reported due to the exhaled air, saturated with pathogens, as it is forced up in front of the eyes. Some dentists have coined a new word from the effects of mask-wearing, called Mask Mouth. These symptoms may include dry mouth, a more rapid decaying of teeth, receding gums, mouth sores and sour breath. There are also reports of face irritation from the mask itself and pathogens in and around the mask. Some will find it harder to breathe while wearing a mask especially those suffering from asthma, bronchitis, etc.

Studies have shown that masks decrease the intake of oxygen and increase the intake of carbon dioxide since the masks concentrate carbon dioxide – this cannot be healthy! These many side effects can be made considerably worse by touching these masks. It is hard enough for us adults not to touch our masks, but so much harder for our children! Then there is the issue of excessive use of sanitizers (poisons) in schools.

I see social distancing as mainly a psychological issue, which together with masks, interfere with a child's ability to socialize and communicate properly, probably interfere with their learning ability and social development, and acts as a constant reminder of an invisible and dangerous enemy.

I cringe when I hear certain officials say that we will wear these masks until we get a fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine. One of the most likely vaccines is from Moderna, and it, unlike all previous vaccines, actually makes changes to your DNA. Not to be taken lightly!

Normally I would be totally supportive of any measure to reduce disease and death, but I do not believe we have a pandemic as the death rates are so low. In Canada, the death rate is about 0.025% and most of these deaths occur in people like myself, over 70 years of age, especially in those suffering from other diseases. These deaths could be just as easily triggered by the flu, a bad cold, a fall, missed or incorrect medication, an emotional shock, etc.

For children, the death rate would be much, much less, at about the same level as the seasonal flu! I focus on death rates rather than the number of cases since cases increase with the number of tests given which include false positives and asymptomatic cases. The thing to keep in mind about death rates is that many death certificates confuse 'died with' and 'died from' the virus. In other words, comorbidities are not considered and that inflates the numbers.

The test for COVID-19, the PCR test, was initially developed as a way of replicating DNA sequences, and not as a test for any virus. When a sample is taken it is amplified to produce a readable amount of material. If you amplify it 30 times most people would be found to be negative, and at 50 most would be positive. So the number of positive results generated depends on the chosen number of amplifications. This would help explain the number of false positives and negatives.

Do you know that the median age for COVID-19 deaths in Florida is 93 years? That Germany's Minister of Health has said that the lock-downs were a mistake and that there has apparently never been an epidemiological emergency. In the US the CDC has recently reduced the COVID-19 death rate by about 90% after factoring in comorbidities. In Sweden where there were never any lock-downs, social distancing or masks, the death rates were comparable to those countries with lock-downs. The COVID-19 response is worse than the disease itself.

During the flu season, many carry the flu bug but only those with a weak immune system would get sick. Would you include the asymptomatic carriers as flu cases? No! Then why do it with COVID-19?

Bill Gates and Tedros Ghebreyesus, the head of WHO, are not medical doctors, yet they are directing our governments in their response to COVID-19! Their vaccines and the under-the-skin record of vaccination will make these people and their associates many billions of dollars. Seems like a little conflict of interest.

Like the men I mentioned above, I am not a doctor so I cannot give medical advice, but I can read scientific publications and use my critical thinking to arrive at my own conclusions. If you would like further information on this topic I've included a link that I found to be very helpful:

Surely we can do better than this for our children!

B. Consiglio
Tiny, ON