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LET'S EAT: New local food bank looks to ensure no one goes hungry

The Georgian Bay Food Network is an innovative non-profit with a goal to provide food relief to local communities
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A new type of food bank is coming to the region.

The Georgian Bay Food Network is an innovative non-profit with a goal to provide food relief to local communities.

Based out of Midland, their focus will be to help those in need within the area with the basic necessities. They will aim to help members of the Midland, Tiny, Tay, Penetanguishene and Christian Island communities.

Opening their doors for in-store accessibility in September and located at 230 Aberdeen Blvd., the Georgian Bay Food Network will be a store-front style food bank. Community members will then be able to choose their own perishable and non-perishable food items.

In order to provide this service, they will be collecting cash and food donations, as well as relying on grants to keep the operation running, while also collaborating with Quest Art for support.

As a non-profit, they are also looking for volunteers; they hope to involve and educate members of the community in their journey. 

Creating the Georgian Bay Food Network began with founding member Alexandria Hamelin and her family.

“We felt this was something that our community needed and could greatly benefit from,” said Hamelin.

They hope to help the community of the area with food insecurity, all while enabling patrons to select their items based on their own personal factors.

The main objective is to aid families and help them achieve self-sufficiency by acting as a community resource navigator as well. This will enable those in need to not only obtain help from them, but also to be guided to other resources, programs and services that would be beneficial.

The Georgian Bay Food Network hopes to end the stigma that can accompany asking for help, by offering a safe and comfortable environment for local residents to get the supplies they need.

“We know that anyone can struggle with finances, job insecurity, housing insecurities, mental health as well as other obstacles that could leave individuals in need of assistance,” explained Hamelin.

“We hope to provide a happy and healthy environment for everyone who may need access to Georgian Bay Food Network.”

Those in need, and people looking to volunteer can access Georgian Bay Food Network by email, phone, social media (@georgianbayfoodnetwork), and visit their website.

Any donations can also be made by e-transfer to as a payee.