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For local teen, giving his time is all about keeping it simple

17-year-old Logan Gravel volunteers for two local organizations for the joy of it
Logan Gravel plays giant Connect Four with kids who participate in camps and programming at the BCG North Simcoe.

If a person lives by Occam’s Razor, they maintain that the simplest answer is likely correct — more or less.

For Logan Gravel, simplicity is the key for him in seeking out volunteer positions that are making him into a leader.

The 17-year-old student from St. Theresa’s Catholic Secondary School volunteers his time as an usher at the King’s Wharf Theatre and as a leader at the BCG of North Simcoe.

As an usher this summer, Gravel says he was treated to each performance he worked at making the investment of his time a gift to himself for entertainment.

“I liked it because I got to see the performance,” says Gravel.

He is quick to add that he also was monitoring the audience and making sure no one was using their cellphones.

One show that topped his list of great performances from his tenure taking tickets and helping people find their seats was a show call Sorry, I’m Canadian 2.

The show is musical theatre, political satire and a bit of hilarity about the things that make us truly Canadian.

“I laughed a lot, and I liked how everyone enjoyed the show,” says Gravel. “People were always thankful, saying, ‘I loved the show,’ on their way out.”

Another place where Gravel felt the enthusiasm of the participants is in his work volunteering as a leader with the BCG of North Simcoe.

As a leader, Gravel oversees the children that participate in camps and after school programs.

“We get to play around with them, and participate in the games and activities,” explains Gravel.

While Gravel says he first started volunteering as a good experience, he is looking to the future and hoping to turn his work with the BCG North Simcoe into a job.

“The kids themselves are full of energy, and it’s interesting to see all their different personalities.”

For more information about the fun that Gravel gets to participate in visit the BCG North Simcoe and the King’s Wharf Theatre.