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Real Canadian Superstore is recognized as a Community Leader through its investment in expanding local news coverage. Thanks to its participation in the Community Leaders Program we are able to enhance areas of content that were underserved in the past. Real Canadian Superstore proudly supports Helpers and the inspiring stories of the people making positive impacts in Midland.

Who We Are

The President’s Choice concept was developed by a talented group of food-inspired people who knew back in the mid-80s that Canadians devoured better quality food choices for their hard-earned dollars. The premise was simple: develop unique or superior products that offered better value to our shoppers. The idea may have been simple, but few could have anticipated how Canadian customers would come to embrace the President’s Choice brand to make it one of Canada’s best-known trademarks.

And the journey continues literally. On behalf of our many shoppers, “PC Insiders” travel incalculable miles every year investigating the new and the flavourful (it’s true, we have the best jobs in the world!). Of course, not every new product requires exotic travel, many of our best products were created in our own test kitchen by PC Chefs and PC product developers. We also get invaluable assistance from our dedicated suppliers from all over the world. Regardless of where our inspiration comes from, the key is to deliver PC products at prices lower than the leading brands.

We’re best known for our food products but we recognize, and our shoppers seem to agree, that our formula for delivering value works equally well in non-food areas. In fact, Canadians jumped at our alternative to traditional banking and its fresh new approach. President’s Choice Financial has become a resounding success over 2 million Canadians already. And, when we introduced our ever-growing line up of PC Home products, applying our better-quality-for-less-money formula to the items shoppers need around the house every day, both the public and the press heralded its arrival.

Our goal for all we do remains to provide our shoppers with meaningful choice. Stay tuned, because we think the future looks even more exciting than the first 20-some years have been.

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