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Tiny provides operations update for town hall and services

All Tiny Township municipal offices remain closed to the public

All Township of Tiny Municipal Offices remain closed to the public. Municipal staff are operating under a remote work protocol.

The following are the current services available through the Planning & Development Department until further notice:

Planning Inquiries: 

  • Email communication is preferred; however, phone calls and voicemailswill continue to be received and responded to.

Planning Applications: Reduction in Level of Service 

  • Planning applications will be accepted and processed through the municipal office drop-box or by mail. Applications can be found on our website at  
  • If applicants require the application to be commissioned by the Township, this service can be completed at a later date. In the meantime, the application can be submitted.  
  • Once a Planning application is received, Planning & Development Staffwill review and respond by email in regard to any outstanding items or further details that may be required. Please provide an email address on your application form if you have one.

Payments for Planning Applications: Reduction in Level of Service  

  • Payment for Planning Applications will be accepted by cheque only (payable to the Township of Tiny). Payment can be placed in our municipal office drop-box or submitted by mail with the application. If there are any questions with regard to the required fees, please contact Planning & Development staff.

Planning Public Meetings: Reduction in Level of Service  

  • NEW: The Township of Tiny Council amended its Procedure By-law to allow for the full electronic participation of Council Members at Special and Regular Committee of the Whole and Regular Council Meetings during a declared emergency under sections 4 and 7.0 of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. 
  • NEW: The first Council Planning Public Meeting was held electronically on May 25, 2020. Council Planning Public Meetings will continue this way until further notice. 
  • NEW: A Special Meeting of the Committee of Adjustment will be held electronically on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 to address the applications that were scheduled for the March 2, 2020 meeting.  
  • NEW: Regularly scheduled Committee of Adjustment meetings will be held electronically and will resume effective Tuesday, August 4, 2020.

Additional information regarding electronic Committee of Adjustment meetings and associated protocol can be found at

All procedures put in place have been done so to limit unnecessary risk to Township staff and residents. As this situation is continually evolving, we will continue to monitor our processes and notification will be provided on any change to the above- noted temporary service levels.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these challenging circumstances.