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Shop Local - Give Local - Remember Local

Looking for a special way to honour someone?
Make a donation to Hospice Huronia - Tomkins House in their memory or honour. We will send an acknowledgement card on your behalf.
Hospice Huronia needs your support so that we may offer our grief & bereavement services at no cost to our community.
The COVID pandemic has made grieving even more difficult as we aren't able to hold funerals or celebrations of life for friends and loved ones. So many of our neighbours are struggling and Hospice offers individual and group support free of charge because of generous donations from our local community.
We shop local to help support local businesses to stay open so why not support local charities as well! By investing in our grief programs, they will be ready when you or someone you love needs them.
Supporting the Big Charities is important but please consider how far your local support can go.
A donation to Hospice Huronia cares for those with life limiting illness and helps them deal with the challenges they face.
It provides caregiver support.
It offers 24/7 palliative nursing care at Tomkins House.
It provides grief & bereavement programs.
It employs 14 front line health care workers to care and support your friends, family & loved ones.
It keeps people out of our hospital beds and Emergency Departments, freeing up those vital beds for those requiring urgent healthcare.
It puts those with days & weeks of life into a beautiful Hospice environment where their caregivers can return to being their loved ones and their pain & symptoms are controlled by Team Tomkins who are skilled and compassionate end of life professionals.
It helps our Social Worker reach out to those who are grieving loss and matches them with a trained volunteer and for those with more complicated grief, she provides individual support sessions all free of charge.
Yoga Therapy, Art Therapy, Grief Support for Children, Men's Grieving Groups, Grief support for traumatic loss, Grief support for families whose loved one had a MAID procedure, Walking Groups, Coffee & Conversations....Hospice can help with any type of loss.
So you see just how far a local donation can reach and how valuable a gift to Hospice Huronia can be.
Please choose local! Choose Hospice Huronia - Tomkins House or call 705-549-1034

948 Fuller Ave

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