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Adopt Me: Noodles the rat (adopted)

He has two littermates, so they could all be adopted together as they get along really well

MidlandToday, in partnership with the SPCA Midland Animal Centre, brings you a regular feature highlighting a special pet that is in need of adoption.


For this week, we have Noodles the rat. Noodles and his littermates Waffles, and Puddles are all about six weeks old and were abandoned unfortunately. 

They have very sweet dispositions, and could all be adopted together as they get along really well.

Rats, on their own can become depressed, so having friends keeps them happy and healthy! 

Did you know, that rat’s teeth never stop growing, and can grow up to five inches in a year? They are so strong, they can gnaw through cinderblock, lead, and even aluminum sheeting! 

Let’s find a home for these three sweethearts. Please contact the Midland Centre at 705-534-4459 for more information.


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